Services we Offer

Activations & Promotions

We handle In–Store activations and sampling to customers for our clients. Aside from In–Store activations, we also handle door–to–door executions, for customers located in remote areas.


Create visual concepts, using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire or captivate clients. Develops the overall layout and production design for advertisements and collateral materials.

Events Management

Handle implementation of large event promotions and activations for our clients. From managing permits, doing the setup and layout of the event area to the implementation.

Logistics & Warehousing

We have 40 satellite offices nationwide which also serves as warehouses. We provide trucking services for ingress and egress purposes from and to any part of the country..


We provide manpower pooling from Class A to class D depending on client needs. Our manpower are locally pooled by the local bases which makes it faster for client projects to run.

48–Hour Research

We perform countless research in order to answer the needs of our clients. We are always on the clock, providing extensive research materials for clients to choose from.

Company Activations

In–Store Activations

A below–the–line advertising wherein Product Experts approach and consult shoppers to help them decide what product suits their needs, by introducing the product’s features and benefits. Experts also perform demonstrations to showcase the product’s features and benefits to increase its credibility.

Public Market Execution

It is a type of activation wherein our field experts promote a certain product and its benefits by showcasing demonstrations outside the walls of a supermarket or mall, but inside the vicinity of a public market.

House–to–House Execution

Is a type of in–community promotion wherein our field experts knocks in different households to let people experience the different brands we offer by performing various demos. The main objective of the House–to–House execution is to convince people on how effective the products that we are offering.

Barangay Caravan Execution

It is a type of an in–community execution wherein product(s) from a specific brand is being promoted inside an event–venue. This venue is usually located inside a barangay, specifically in a covered basketball court.

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